Assembly and design

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Crazywires gets involved in electronic, electrical  and electro mechanical assembly and design  which larger companies may turn away due to the low volume / one off or some non standard aspect of the design.

Over the years Crazywires has been involved in a very divers range of projects from simple cable assembly to automated manufacturing machinery for the PCB industry. So to sum it up we will have ago at anything.



Control Panel Wiring.

Control panel wiring, enclosure wiring and assembly.



Cable and loom Assembly.

From single lead power connectors, servo motor encoder cables to venue lighting looms.





Design and Assembly

From concept or schematics to finished circuit board. Prototyping and development of digital and analogue elecronics.    
  Electronics   Micro Controllers   C Coding  

Single and double sided PCB designs and through hole circuit board assembly


  AVR 8 bit micro controller design   AVR 8 bit micro controller programming using C and assembler  




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